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Ardell TexturEyes Lash

100% natural hair
Benefits Description Ingredients
  • Textured fibers that give you the perfect tousled curls for your lashes.

  • Multi-layered lashes with textured curls for a unique "shaggy" tousled look

  • 100% Human Hair, Tapered Tips

  •  Uneven lengths add multidimensional effects

  •  Available in 6 different styles

Discover 6 all-new 100% natural hair lash styles that are playfully tousled and super wearable for a fresh, modern take on beauty.

It's no longer a one-style-fits-all. Each style offers the widest variety of lash fibers to create fullness and volume for the very first lashes with unique texture.

Ardell, one of the leading innovators of eyelashes & beauty for 45 years!

Ardell TexturEyes 575
Slightly flared, long in length with dizzying curls

Ardell TexturEyes 576
Ultra-structured flared curls

Ardell TexturEyes 577
Slightly flared, medium length with light clustering

Ardell TexturEyes 578
Flared, medium-length lashes with cluster effect

Ardell TexturEyes 579
Round lashes, long length and airy layers

Ardell TexturEyes 580
Round lashes, long length and alternating layers


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