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Hair Stimulating Treatment for Women
Benefits Description Ingredients
  • Specially designed for women
  • Contains effective ingredients to stop female pattern hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Clinical proven ingredients that thickens hair
  • Gentle for the skin and pleasant to use
  • Light texture
  • Contains nutrients that support healthy hair and scalp
  • Improves chemical signaling of key enzymes
  • Blocks inflammation

While most brands target the balding patterns of middle-aged men, Spectral.CSF focuses on optimizing the hair of women, while avoiding chemicals.

Spectral.CSF is the result of extensive research by DS Laboratories to the complex biology of female hair follicles

Unlike male pattern baldness, where hair falling out at the crown and along the hairline, the female pattern is evenly distributed over the scalp.

Women may also experience periods of hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations, vitamin deficiency, medication or stress.

Both male and female patterns are associated with dihydrotestosterone, a hormone synthesized in the presence of sebum, and perifollicular fibrosis, a condition in which collagen is stiff to the roots and hair fibers pushes out of the surface.

While sophisticated products for men contain many active ingredients, each chemical has the potential to aggravate thinning hair of a woman. So women want to avoid strange ingredients.

Spectral.CSF only contains the most important substances that are most associated with longer, stronger and thicker hair for women; stem cells in order to stimulate follicles and preventing signs of aging, Adenosine for biochemical processes, such as energy transfer, Aminexil to counteract perifollicular fibrosis, etc.

Key ingredients

Kernel oil
Acetyl tyrosine
Hydrolyzed soy protein

All ingredients

water, propylene glycol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, copper tripeptide-1, adenosine, phenoxyethanol, hydroxyethylcellulose, lecithin, aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) gel, apple (malus domestica) fruit cell culture extract, xantham gum, glycerin, caprylyl glycol, polysorbate 20, biotin, perfume, hexamidine diisethionate, acetyl tyrosine, citrulline, zinc gluconate, arctium majus root extract, calcium pantothenate, arginine, glucosamine hcl, panax ginseng root extract, polyquaternium-11, hydrolyzed soy protein 2, peginacide-1, peginacide-1, ornithine hcl , sodium chloride, benzyl salicylate, octapeptide-2, propanediol, disodium edta

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