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Haarbusiness International is the importer of high quality cosmetic products for hair, skin and body.

We started in 2007 with the worldwide known product Toppik. Since then we gained a lot of experience in hair loss products and hair loss in general.
Because to sell these products you need to know how a hair grows and what influences causing hair loss. And we know.

Our core business is in hair loss prevention products. We have a wide range of hair loss treatments suited for all types and stages of hair loss.
Since a few years we also added some amazing products for the skin and body.

Before we decide to take a product into our stock we check everything first. 
Do they have independent test reports? Is the company reliable? What are the reactions of clients on the web and in the clinics? Is there enough margin for the distributors? What is their competition? After going through these and other questions we decide if a product fits in our range.

So all the products you will see on this website are the best in their kind and certainly worth looking at.

Customer service is always a high priority. We try to make everything as easy as possible and we want you to get the products as fast as we can.

For more information about us or our products you can always email or call us!

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